Business Card Web Design Package

1 Page Web Design Package

With the year-on-year exponential growth of the internet as a sales medium it is imperative that any business maintains an active web presence in order to thrive. This needn’t, however, necessarily be an expensive process. For those on a budget or simply looking for a basic web presence we offer our Business Card Web Design package – a one page number that presents your details in a succinct fashion and allows visitors to easily get in contact with you. We will also install Google Analytics on the site for you so that you may easily monitor traffic to your site, and include your site hosting costs for the first year as part of the low package price of £200.


Business Card Web Design Package features:

  • Single page design with AJAX pagination allowing you to display more content than a regular 1-pager
  • Responsive templating ensuring maximum display compatibility across a range of devices
  • Optional custom logo
  • Optional contact form
  • Google Analytics installed for web traffic tracking
  • Website hosting for one year included

(All Prices exclude VAT)

Of course, if you are not naturally receiving traffic to your chosen domain you may wish to consider adopting a slightly more search engine optimised strategy. All of our other bespoke web design packages include on-site optimisation to help boost your search engine rankings – we thoroughly research your market/industry and tailor your new site to outclass your competition. Why not head over to our Web Design page to see all that we have to offer?

Business Card Web Design Package FAQs

How many pages does this web design package hold?

Just the one, amigo!

Who would this size website be useful for?

This is useful for a business that doesn’t need a full website – this package is the equivalent of a business card.

Will my website be found in the search engines?

This package does not include on-site SEO. For a similar website packages that are SEO friendly, please look at our microsite web design packages.

What are the running costs?

Renewals for hosting and the domain name(s) are required. Click here for more details.

What if I need to update my site?

If you require a simple change of text, such as the phone number or address, we can do this for you at no extra cost. If changes to graphics are required then this would be an additional cost.

What are the disadvantages of having a 1 page site?

You could end up adding lots of content to the page which leaves it looking cluttered up and very long. This will have your visitors scrolling some way down the page if you are lucky or they may just even leave your site out of confusion. The purpose of this site to provide just a brief amount of information – just like a business card. Think KISS (Keep it Simple Señor) – Olé!

I don’t have a logo – can you design me a logo for my new site?

We sure can – we can take a brief from you and your assigned graphic designer will use this to create a new logo and identity. If you would prefer to not have a logo created, your business name would then just be displayed on your site as regular text.

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