Microsite Web Design Package

Microsite Web Design Package

Cost is often seen as a barrier to many businesses establishing a credible online presence, but one of our most popular packages, the Microsite Web Design Package, proves that it is possible to have a smart-looking and well-performing website for a very reasonable outlay. This package provides for up to 5 pages of content on a website that is themed to reflect your business (custom logo, colours, and so on) and built with search engine optimisation strongly in mind. Our microsites generally perform so well in the search engine rankings, in fact, that we find many companies using them to supplement their main business’ website and draw more traffic to it. You will be able to monitor your visitors in real-time also as all our sites are supplied with Google Analytics installed.


Microsite Web Design Package features:

  • 3-5 pages of content
  • Search Engine Optimised design to improve search engine rankings
  • Optional custom logo
  • Optional contact form and single email address supplied to make it easier for visitors to contact you
  • Google Analytics installed for web traffic tracking
  • Website hosting for one year included

(All Prices exclude VAT)

Perhaps though your range of business services cannot possibly be condensed into the 5 page microsite format and you are looking for something a little more substantial. In that case we recommend that you take a look at our 2 packages geared towards small businesses – the Small Business Web Design Package and the Small Business Web Design Premium Package. Or maybe you are a one man band or smaller company who simply want to set up something online to allow people to find you more easily. We can cater for you in that respect too – our Business Card Web Design is just the ticket.

Microsite Web Design Package FAQs

How many pages does this web design package hold?

This package provides 3-5 pages for your website.

Why order a microsite instead of a small business website package?

Generally, the requirements of a small business web design package is anywhere between 8-25 pages but when this number of pages are not required then this micro-version website is much better suited. A microsite package is compact and focused.

Will my website be found in the search engines?

We build all microsites with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind ensure that all major search engines can easily read and understand your website – when done right, your website will attract more traffic through the search engines organic results listings.

What are the running costs?

Renewals for hosting and the domain name(s) are required. Click here for more details.

What if I need to update my site?

If you require a simple text change, such as the phone number, address or a piece of content, we can do this for you at no extra cost. If changes to graphics are required or any alteration to the design then this would be an additional cost charged by the hour.

I don’t have a logo – can you design me a logo for my new site?

We sure can – we can take a brief from you and your assigned graphic designer will use this to create a new logo and identity. If you would prefer to not have a logo created, your business name would then just be displayed on your site as regular text.

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